10 Vector Halftone Patterns


10 Vector Halftone Patterns – I’ve always loved halftone patterns but, I’ve always been stumped when it came to trying to figure out how to create them. For a long while, I experimented with various techniques, some better than others, but in the end, I found that none of them gave me the result that I was looking for. That was until a couple weeks ago when Adelle from Fuel Your Creativity asked me to review Phantasm CS for her website. I jumped at the opportunity and finally found what I was looking for, a plug-in that could create amazing halftone patterns. After a bit of experimentation, I decided to create a set of halftone vectors for you guys to use in your designs. So feel free to download them and use them for free.

In this set, I have included 10 separate SVG files, to use them, simply download the zip file, unzip it and open each file up with Illustrator or the vector program of your choice.

File Type .SVG + JPEG



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